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  • ​​​​​​​​​School Day: School starts with morning registration for all year groups at 8:50am.  The school ends at 3:15pm for Foundation Stage and 3:20pm for Years 1 to 6.  Dinner times are staggered depending on the year group, but fall between 11:45am and 1:15pm.  The school premises and playgrounds are closed to general access from 3:50pm onwards to allow the Greystones Afterschool Club, and other extra-curricular activities to maintain a safe environment for their children's organised activities.  We appreciate your help in implementing this safeguarding rule.  ​
  • Parking around school:  Sheffield City Council implemented a Traffic Regulation Order covering the school yellow zig-zag markings adjacent to the school buildings on Tullibardine Road.  No vehicles are allowed to stop on the markings during the operative times - not even to drop off or collect persons, load or unload deliveries.  Please ensure you park safely and do not contravene the TRO as Sheffield Parking Services will be routinely inspecting and ticketing any offending vehicles.  
    Sheffield Ciy Council have taken these serious measures to ensure the safety of our children when arriving and leaving school.  As our banner states "No waiting, No parking, No excuses".​
  • School Uniform, book bags and PE bags are available for purchase through Logo Leisurewear.  You can complete a paper order form available at the school office, or order online from here.
  • ​Weekly Newsletter is our way of keeping you up to date each week during term time.  If you have supplied your email address to school we will send the newsletter out to you; alternatively you can download or view the recent letters here.​​
  • School Prospectus: you can view the most recent issue of the school prospectus here.
  • Ofsted Report: you can view the most recent Ofsted report here.
  • DfE: you can view the school details on the Department for Education website here
  • Instrument Lessons - application form for Autumn 2016 
    Starter Form Autumn 2016.docx