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​Weekly Newsletters - Full Archive​​​

Our school publishes a whole school newsletter each week to let you know what's happening.  This is emailed out to all parents every week.  Parents are reminded to keep the school office up to date with any changes to their email address to ensure this mailing arrives without any problems.

This is the archive of all the Weekly Newsletters published.  ​​Please click on the relevant date / file listed below to download a copy of the letter for that week:

Jan 12th 2018.pdf
22nd Dec 2017.pdf
15th Dec 2017 newsletter.pdf
8 Dec 2017 newsletter.pdf
1 Dec 2017.pdf
Nov 24th newsletter.pdf
Newsletter 17 Nov 2017.pdf
Nov 10th 2017 inc HSA.pdf
Oct 26th 2017.pdf
Oct 20th 2017.pdf
Oct 13th 2017.pdf
Oct 6th 2017.pdf
July 21st 2017.pdf
HSA Year 2016-17.pdf
July 14th 2017.pdf
July 7th 2017.pdf
June 30th 2017.pdf
June 23rd 2017.pdf
June 16th 2017.pdf
June 9th 2017.pdf
May 26th 2017.pdf
May 19th 2017.pdf
May 12th 2017.pdf
May 5th 2017.pdf
April 28th 2017.pdf
Funding letter April 2017.pdf
April 7th 2017.pdf
March 31st 2017.pdf
March 24th 2017.pdf
March 17th 2017.pdf
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